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Whats the most degenerate thing you have fapped to this week?
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Letter Thread

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Write a letter someone and leave initials please

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>want to experience what relationship is like
>lose interest in every girl I talk to after mere minutes/hours
>never gotten serious with anybody due to this
Is this some kind of hidden self sabotage or I just don't actually want to be in a relationship because it's too much of a hassle?
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Fembot bought cute expensive clothes for $300, but she is too fat and her clothes are too small and they do not fit.
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When did you realize that wife-sharing or hotwife (or cuckold, as some haters might call it) is the ultimate red pill?
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XNTP shenanigans edition

New here? Take one of these and call me in the morning
MBTI 101:
MBTI 102:

DLC: (embed)

Thread questions:
>your type
>which letter of your type would you change if you had to choose?
>(optional) rate your neighbor types by order of preference

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>women only want Chad!
>Chad is abusive! Ugly men are the nice guys!
Incels btfo.
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Personality lets pretend and ERP, with added extra drivel edition
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I plan on killing myself today by bleeding myself out in my bathtub. Is there any advice on how to make it quicker/less painful? I dont drink alcohol but would that help ease the pain? Will painkillers work?
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Is there seriously any way to get over being average when pretty women are worshipped more than ever before? Being average means men will only settle for me because they didn't get an actually attractive girl, I know that every man wants a beautiful girl, and I'm not beautiful. I know average men struggle with similar issues so I want to know if anyone has actually managed to find a solution to being constantly insecure about one's looks? i'm insecure to the point that I stare at prettier girls (for example the sort that get posted here, 7-9/10's) just because I wish so much that I looked like them.
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