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So this show is already confirmed to be anime of 2022? What else could possibly even compete against it?
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The true Emperor who will save Kaguya
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Chi no Wadachi

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This manga is very unsettling.
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Dragon Ball Super

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Translated pages.
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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SNK old school AU soon. Are you ready for old school's AA and EH?
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So why did /a/ lie by telling me that anime girls don't pee and poop?

Hirayasumi: Prologue and Chapter 1

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I'm going to start dumping the current ongoing series by Keigo Shinzo. While working on Nora to Zassou, Shinzo was diagnosed with lymphoma unfortunately putting that series on hiatus (and eventually ending it entirely). While in the hospital undergoing treatment, he thought of this story as his next serialization.

Hiroto Ikuta is a 29-year-old freeter. He works part time at a fishing spot and always manages to charm old ladies with his easygoing attitude. High school graduate Natsumi Kobayashi is Hiroto's cousin, 18-years-old and moving from Yamagata to Tokyo to study art at university. This is the daily lives of a carefree young man, an anxiety-riddled fish out of water and the people they become acquainted with.

The series is being actively worked on, up to chapter 11 of I believe 15 chapters so far. Today I'll dump both the prologue and chapter 1.
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Just finished Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu and all I have to ask is - was it worth it? It didn't add anything substantially better to the original story, the many deaths and reincarnations became tedious with many becoming downright comedic rather than tragic, and the ludicrous power-level fights in the final episodes made you think just how far deviated it had come from when you first watched/read the original anime/VN all those many many years ago. Will this become a prime example, in years to come, of an author shitting on their once decent work (like NGE and Anno)?
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Mushoku Tensei

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Is North Style the most based style?
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One Piece

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Let’s put an end to the Three Fruit bullshit. It’s bullshit. And it’s time to admit it.

Stop the madness.
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